El- Tan technologies

The most reliable source
in the region for vacuum/gas
equipment and components
sales and services,for semiconductors,
hi- tech, scientific research,
and related industries.

For many years we have enjoyed a good
working relationship with all the
major equipment manufacturers worldwide,
represented by us in Israel.

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    El-Tan Technologies supplies the Israeli market with innovative solutions in the VACUUM & GAS Technologies.

    Established in 1989, El-Tan Technologies represent companies from the USA, Japan and Europe. We stand behind the equipment that we sell, providing full technical support as well as repair services.

    El-Tan Technologies builds custom-made Vacuum and Gas systems. We also upgrade Evaporators, Sputters CVDs, Vacuum Systems and Gas System for the semiconductor, Optical, laser tubes and for other variety of industries and applications.

    The need and appreciation for our professional sale and technical support in Israel is evident by our long-term, diverse customer base that we maintain. Our customers appreciate our support and technical expertise as well as our personal, timely attention they continually expect and receive at El-Tan Technologies

  • אל-תן טכנולוגיות

    אל-תן טכנולוגיות נוסדה בשנת 1989 ומיום יסודה היא מספקת לשוק הישראלי פתרונות חדשניים בטכנולוגיות הואקום והגאזים.

    אנו מייצגים חברות בארה’ב, יפן ואירופה ונותנים תמיכה טכנית מלאה ושירותי תיקון לכל קשת הציודים והמכשירים.

    באל-תן צוות מקצועי ובעל מעוף הבונה מערכות ואקום וגז בהזמנה אישית. משדרג מערכות ואקום קיימות כגון: Evaporators, Sputters CVDs, מערכת גז למוליכים למחצה, לתעשייה האופטיקה, שפופרות לייזר, ולמגוון תעשיות ויישומים.

    למכירה המקצועית והתמיכה הטכנית שלנו בישראל אנו זוכים להערכה הנשמרת לאורך הזמן, לקוחותנו הבאים מכל שדרות המשק נהנים מתמיכה טכנית מקצועיות, מומחיות בתחום, שרות מהיר ואמין ביחד עם תשומת לב אישית.


El-tan Technology ltd. employs a highly qualified staff of sales and service engineers with over 25 years of
experience, exceptionally trained and experienced to provide the best support available.

For every system installation, our engineers provide documentation, training, and competant reliable service.
El-Tan’s support services offer a range of service support and packages to meet our customer’s requirements.

  • Sales of vacuum and deposition systems and related components.
  • Calibration and repair lsb, for mass flow controllers and Vacuum Guages.
  • Repair of vacuum pumps, lesk detectors, valves and vaccum components.
  • Leak detection and RGA services boyh at our lab,or at customer site.
  • Design and construction of custom made vacuum systems.
  • Upgrading of vacuum systems
  • Sales of refurbished equipment.
  • Parts cleaning: sandblast, wet blast, chemical, solvents,and electropolish
  • Preventing maintenance contracts.
  • Coating lab: thin film deposition.
  • Application engineering.
  • Technical training on vacuum technology and leak detection.


If you are considering about a future project, or this is your
first time visiting our site, please drop us a line.


  • Sal’it Industrial Zone
    1 Ha Koakh Street 4588500
    P.O. Box 1020, Hod Hasharon 4588500
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  • 972-9-7405551
  • 972-9-7406690
  • info@el-tan.co.il